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*Complimentary Repechage eye rescue pads are included in all facials. Formulated with nutrient rich seaweed, cucumber, aloe, caffeine, and a potent, antioxidant rich yerba matte, green tea and rooibos blend to help eyes looks and feel refreshed*

Express Facial...$65
This 30 minute facial is great for people on the go that need a fast complexion refresher using Repechage skincare (does not include steam, extractions or high frequency). Includes cleansing, exfoliation, massage, mask, moisturizer and SPF.
Add Dermaplaning...$35
Add LED Light therapy...$25

Add Repechage Enzymatic Micropeel OR Glycolic Peel...$35


Classic European Facial...$90
60 Minutes
This ultra relaxing Classic European Facial treatment using Repechage products will be customized to your skins needs. Repechage is formulated with St.John's Wort, a botanical known for its gentle soothing properties, and Green and White Teas known to contain anti-oxidants. Skin will feel cleansed, toned and moisturized. Included is a skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions, toning, high frequency, massage, mask, moisturizer and SPF.
Add Dermaplaning...$35
Add LED Light Therapy...$25

Classic European Plus Facial...$110
70 Minutes
his treatment is the Classic European Facial with upgrades. The upgrades included are a Repechage Vita Cura Enzymatic Micropeel, this enzyme peel uses pure papaya enzyme to provide a mild, vegetable-based peel. This will enhance the tone and texture of skin, by gently removing dead skin cells, revealing brighter, younger looking skin. Also included is a relaxing hand and arm massage and serums will be used for your specific skin needs. 
Add Dermaplaning...$35
Add LED Light Therapy...$25


Ultimate Spa Facial...$130
90 Minutes
If you are looking for the ultimate relaxation spa treatment, then t
reat yourself with the ultimate spa facial. This facial is the Classic European facial and Classic European Plus Facial with indulging upgrades. Upgrades include a paraffin wax treatment for your hands, GUA SHA will be incorporated in the facial massage and a hydro jelly face mask.
Add Dermaplaning...$35
Add LED Light Therapy...$25

40 Minutes
Dermaplaning is a 
cosmetic procedure that removes the top layers of your skin while softening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and deep acne scarring, as well as make the skin's surface smooth, free of dead skin cells, and peach fuzz hair. This procedure doesn't require any downtime for recovery, results will typically last 3-4 weeks.
Included is cleansing, dermaplaning and post face mask.

Benefits of Dermaplaning:
-Resurface facial skin for a radiant complexion
-Evens out skin tone and improves texture
-Stimulates cell renewal
-Improves acne scars, hyperpigmentation and blemishes
-Removes fine hair from the face
Best for: All skin types expect for clients with rosacea or active acne
Add LED Light Therapy...$25
Add Repechage Enzymatic Peel OR Glycolic Peel...$35
Add Dermaplaning onto a facial for $35 



Microdermabrasion Facial...$120
70 Minutes
This minimally invasive treatment uses a diamond tip abrasive technology to gently sand away the thick outer layer of your skin. This skin rejuvenation procedure will improve the appearance of sun damagefine lineswrinkles, age spots, acne scarring and other skin concerns. Included is cleansing, exfoliation, steam, microdermabrasion, extractions, toning, massage, mask, moisturizer and SPF.
Add Dermaplaning...$35
Add LED Light Therapy...$25

Add Repechage Enzymatic Micropeel OR Glycolic Peel...$35


Repechage Vita Cura Enzymatic Micropeel...$60
This enzyme peel uses pure papaya enzyme to provide a mild, vegetable-based peel. Based on papain, the proteolytic enzyme is derived from the latex of the green papaya fruit. This works to enhance the tone and texture of the skin. Benefits: Gently removes dead skins cells, revealing brighter, younger looking skin. Enzyme peels are a great option for sensitive skin.

Repechage Bio-light Glyco-Sea Glycolic Peel...$60
Repechage Glyco-Sea Glycolic Peel is a deep, intensive skin treatment that focuses on resurfacing and renewing skin. This formula of glycolic acid combined with our unique Laminaria Complex reveals a brighter, more youthful complexion with added anti-oxidant and calming properties. This chemical peel will help reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation due to hormonal changes, post-acne scarring, certain prescription medications, and sun exposure.

Hydra Medic Acne Facial with LED Light Therapy...$100
75 Minutes
This facial will reduce and improve acne symptoms, this is also a perfect facial for teens with problem skin. Repechage Hydra Medic combines seaweed extracts with the best skin care ingredients from the earth and sea to help your skin look its best without over-drying. The unique formulas found in this collection include an anti-oxidant tea blend, sea muds and herbal extracts that gently deep cleanse the skin to help reduce oiliness while leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Included in this treatment is LED blue light therapy. Blue light therapy is used for the treatment for acne, it kills acne causing bacteria and reduces activity in the sebaceous glands, so they produce less oil. Included is a deep pore cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions, LED blue light therapy, massage, sea mud mask, moisturizer, Beta Hydroxy Serum and SPF
 Enzymatic Micropeel OR Glycolic Peel...$35

LED Light Therapy...$25
20 minute LED light therapy can be added onto any facial (BLUE, RED or YELLOW). 
Blue light targets acne treatment, it kills acne causing bacteria and reduces the activity in sebaceous glands, so they produce less oil.
Red light targets anti-aging, this will treat skin cell regeneration, increasing the oxygen content in the blood to stimulate circulation. It will promote collagen proliferation, improving fine lines and wrinkles. This is an effective treatment of aging, skin relaxation and will help products used in the facial to absorb deep into the skin.
Yellow light will improve skin cells oxygen 
alteration function, promoting microcirculation, decomposing pigment, promoting lymph poison discharge, curing skin roughness, red spots/anti redness and it has been shown to treat cold sores.
All 3 
lights have infrared light that will boost collagen, smooth wrinkles, enhance tone, as well as a host of other benefits. It will also reduce an enzyme that contributes to skin damage.

Back Facial...$95
60 Minutes
Back Facials are beneficial in cleansing those hard-to-reach spots, targeting a variety of skincare needs such as clogged pores, back acne, and dehydrated skin. This treatment mimics many of the traditional techniques used for a Facial. This is also a great way to be pampered and relax. Included in this service is a cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions, high frequency, relaxation massage, mask and moisturizer.

 Repechage products contain seaweed which is beneficial for a range of skin conditions and therapeutic needs. The rich blend of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and anti-oxidants in seaweed makes it an ideal main ingredient for detoxifying, oxygenating, re-balancing, hydrating, anti-aging, and renewing benefits.  Book today to experience the nutritive benefits from the sea to the skin. If you are unsure which facial is best for you, I would be happy to chat with you about your skin care needs and goals, send me a message today!

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