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Pre & Post Care

Sugaring Care


-Avoid using moisturizing creams, oils and cream based products the day prior and of your appointent

-Scheduling your appointment around your menstrual cycle is best, due to extra sensitivity during this time

-Do not exfoliate the day prior and the day of your appointment


-Do not exfoliate for 24 hours after appointment

-Exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week to remove dead skin cells, this will help reduce any ingrown hairs

-Avoid excessive sweating for 24 hours after your appointment

-Do not apply scented lotions or creams

-Avoid hot tubs and swimming pools

-Avoid direct sun exposure

-Avoid heat (saunas, steam rooms)

-No tanning for 48 hours after appointment

-Avoid makeup for 24 hours if you have had your face sugared

-Avoid touching, scratching and rubbing treated area

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